Auction Ideas: Have jewelry that you would rather re-gift? Has someone given you artwork that you have not had the courage to give away? Have pocketbooks, sweaters, other stuff that you’ll never wear? Are you an outdoor person? Guide a kayak trip in local waters Share a biking trip an a favorite route Have a favorite hiking location? Turn it into a fun picnic or nature trek Maybe you can guide a small group to the magical end at Cannon Point. Have a favorite dish or meal? Why not share it on a group Zoom call. Yum, cook and eat. Pick your favorite park and bring everyone a surprise box lunch while sharing wildlife stories. Do you have a cabin or vacation house or property? Maybe a great time to offer it for a weekend. Are you a fisherman? Well, maybe it’s time to teach just how to do that to a small group. Rare books by Southern authors Yoga Classes Great original art Gift certificate for Etsy online Plants delivered to your door Hand knitted specialties Custom coffee table Fun food baskets: Lobster dinner for two. Brighten walls or kitchen cabinets with paint Detail a car making it like new Teach something you love Share a spiritual event Cook and share your favorite dish
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How’s this for creativity?